Dona is a stakeholder and community engagement specialist, focused on projects at the intersection of social and environmental (water) innovation. As a facilitator with Waterlution and organizer with the Water Youth Network, she has hosted and facilitated well over 70 workshops (including at the Budapest Water Summit, 7th World Water Forum in South Korea, Water Innovation Labs – Canada & Europe, Singapore International Water Week), in community, academic and corporate settings and with diverse stakeholder groups. Dona began her journey with Waterlution in 2011 as Hub Manager and built a network of engaged water professionals across Toronto and Southern Ontario. She is now working with Waterlution on the global expansion of the Water Innovation Labs. Dona is also co-founder of the Freeing Dreams Institute. She holds a Master in Globalization Studies from the Centre for Globalization and Human Condition at McMaster University, with a joint graduate diploma in Water Without Borders from the United Nations University- Institute for Water, Environment and Health (INWEH).

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