Lucas Janssen holds an MSc and a PhD from the Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He wrote his PhD on the integrated use of satellite data and geo-data for land-use inventories. He has been an associate professor in remote sensing at the ITC Enschede where he developed the core curriculum on this subject and carried out missions to East Africa. Later he worked with Rijkswaterstaat on geo-ict and water quality. He represented Rijkswaterstaat in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

At the start of Deltares (2008) he became head of the Department of Economics, Scenarios and Innovation. With his team he worked on societal cost benefit analysis, scenario studies, developing entrepreneurship and innovation in the water context. Since 2015 he has been heading the Department of Catchment and Urban Hydrology. His team, existing of 25 hydrologists, is working on a wide variety of projects around the globe. These projects consider a wide range of customers, such as Dutch Water Boards, WorldBank, Asian Development Bank, World Resource Institute and NGO’s such as Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund. To carry out these project also hydrological software (Open Source) is being developed. When possible Deltares takes a ‘collaborative modeling’ approach. Lucas is part of Deltares’ Urban team that focuses on issues such as urban floods, (climate) adaptive planning and urban resilience.

Most Recent Projects