Water Innovation Lab


Program Schedule

WIL India begins in Mumbai, moves to Bhuj and traverses to Udaipur.  The program makes stops for field visits with community partners over a period of 6 days, followed by a 4-day Leadership Development Program and Capacity Building hosted at Swaraj University, Udaipur where participants and resource guests will share knowledge, plan scenarios, and develop project ideas.


Day 1

Wednesday Jan 18, 2017

Participants Arrive in Mumbai

Day 2

Thursday Jan 19, 2017

Field tour of urban drinking water and urban wastewater systems

Day 3

Friday Jan 20, 2017

Site visit to fishing village


In Bhuj, participants will have the opportunity to visit two very prominent organizations working on water and environment issues: Centre for Environment and Education (CEE) and Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction and Training (VIKSAT).


Bhuj faces many water challenges including water quality, urban water management, climate change related risks, and sewage and waste water.


Participants will be able to see the very age old traditional water harvesting systems including the famous step wells in India. A visit to a nearby village will expose participants to rural water and livelihood issues and how communities living there are finding solutions. 

Day 4

Saturday Jan 21, 2017

Travel to Bhuj

Day 5

Sunday Jan 22, 2017

Community Visits

Day 6

Monday Jan 23, 2017

Leadership Training

Day 7

Tuesday Jan 24, 2017

Site visits to Patan stepwells

Travel to Mount Abu


In Udaipur, participants will learn the challenges of water policy and governance, and will be exposed to lake revival and restoration.


A visit to nearby villages (25 Km from Udaipur) will provide an opportunity to observe and learn from tribal communities and discuss long term struggles with industry, ground water pollution and water conflicts.


Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur contains very old water bodies and harvesting systems, and participants will have an opportunity to view this heritage.

Day 8

Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

Travel to Swaraj University

Leadership Development Program and Capacity Building

Day 9

Thursday Jan 26, 2017

Swaraj University
(India Republic Day)

Day 10

Friday Jan 27, 2017

Swaraj University
Field Tours

Day 11

Saturday Jan 28, 2017

Swaraj University

Leadership Development Program and Capacity Building
Closing evening

Day 12

Sunday Jan 29, 2017

Travel Home

 This schedule will be updated regularly with details on community partners, site visits and training details.